4-Channel Ethernet DAQ for IEPE Sensors

DT8837- 4-Channel Ethernet (LXI) Instrument with IEPE Sensor Supply

The DT8837 is a highly accurate multifunction module that is ideal for sound and vibration measurements. All the I/O channels are completely isolated from each other and from the computer, allowing noise-free data to be sampled in tough industrial environments. Four 24-bit IEPE (ICP) sensor inputs, a 24-bit D/A stimulus output, a 31-bit tachometer channel are synchronized to provide data streams that are matched in time for field or laboratory use.

DT8837- 4-Channel Ethernet (LXI) Instrument with IEPE Sensor Supply

  • 4 simultaneous, 24-bit Delta-Sigma A/D channels for high resolution measurements, or use as 4 IEPE inputs for direct sensor connection
  • Sample rate up to 52.734 kHz, programmable
  • Input range of ±10V or ±1V software selectable per channel
  • ISO-Channel provides ±500V galvanic isolation channel-to-channel for all I/O signals and grounds
  • One 24-bit D/A converter, ±10V, up to 52.734 kHz continuous waveform output
  • Readback channel to allow correlation of output stimulus with sampled input data
  • 4 digital outputs can switch up to +/-30V @ 400 mA
  • Stack up to 16 modules for parallel operation of 64 channels (IEPE or voltage) via the Trigger Bus
  • Synchronization reference clock, ADC sync and trigger input/output via LXI Trigger Bus for synchronizing up to 16 instrument modules
  • Collection of free drivers and utilities, including a trial version of QuickDAQ Advanced FFT Analysis Option
  • IVI-COM instrument driver for .NET, LabVIEW, VEE, MATLAB, LabWindows/CVI development
  • metal case, mains power supply EP361 included
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LXI Wired Trigger Bus CableEP377
LXI Wired Trigger Bus Cable

  • synchronization cable
  • for use with DT8837, DT8824, or VIBbox
  • length 0.5m

Dual Rack-Mount Kit


  • 19" kit for mounting two instruments side by side
  • for DT8837, DT8824, DT9824, and DT9862

Single Rack-Mount Kit


  • 19" mounting kit for a single instrument
  • for DT8837, DT8824, DT9824, and DT9862

Free Data Logger Application - Upgradeable with FFT Analysis OptionsQuickDAQ
Free Data Logger Application - Upgradeable with FFT Analysis Options

  • Two extensions add FFT analysis capabilities to the free base package.
  • QuickDAQ FFT Analysis Options allow serious sound & vibration analysis supporting modal analysis and ODS analysis methods.
  • Single-Channel and Dual-Channel (frequency response) FFT operations

显示文件 数据手册
显示文件 User's Manual
full specifications inside
显示文件 SCPI Manual
SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) is an universal programming language for electronic test and measurement instruments, based on the IEEE 488.1 and IEEE 488.2 standards. DT8837 complies with the SCPI language and implements the IEEE-488.2 STD status structure. You can issue SCPI commands over VISA or sockets.
显示文件 PCB Layout
显示文件 LXI Trigger Bus
显示文件 Block Diagram
显示文件 Using DT8837 with MATLAB
Using the Instrument Control Toolbox? from The MathWorks?, you can access the functions of the DT8837.
显示文件 More Information on LXI
LXI is an instrumentation platform based on industry standard Ethernet technology designed to provide modularity, flexibility and performance to small- and medium-sized systems. ..
显示文件 More Information on IVI
Build you own applications based on Visual C++, Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET, Visual Basic 6.0, LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, MATLAB, Keysight VEE Pro.
显示文件 Why ISO-Channel Technology is Your Best Return on Investment
When connecting signal sources it is important to eliminate the sources of error that can contribute to inaccuracies in your measurements. In most measurement instruments, this burden is on the customer. Instruments that use ISO-Channel ...
显示文件 ISO-Channel Protection
to eliminate any common mode noise and ground loop problem in any environmental conditions
显示文件 Driver for Instrument Control Toolbox in MATLAB
Using the Instrument Control Toolbox from The MathWorks, you can access the functions of Data Translation's instrument modules. The Instrument Control Toolbox communicates with DT instruments through a MATLAB driver to the instruments IVI-COM driver.
显示文件 DT8837 Driver Download (217 MB)
- Trial version of QuickDAQ Advanced FFT Analysis Option
- Includes the DT8837 IVI-COM drivers
显示文件 DT8837 Support Software (19 MB)
- Eureka Discovery Utility
- SCPI Support (Manual and Examples)
- Calibration Utility
4 通道高性能数据采集 DT9837 / DT9837A / DT9837B / DT9837C
DT9837 series - USB modules

显示文件 Simultaneous Data Acquisition Overview

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